Tiago Manuel Oliveira


Hello, this is my web page, my web folio. Feel free to navigate che digital moi. I hope you'll enjoy the visit as much as I do enjoy the things published. See you soon and thanks for stoping by!

2018 May 2nd

I have posted an "article" about one of my guitars in a portuguese music web forum - www.forumusica.com. The article speaks about how I recently modified said guitar, with special emphasis on its electronics and schematics. Just follow the previous link...

2018 May 1st

I'm trying hard to finish this website, but since I'm not a programmer and I have limited knowledge on these web things, it is taking some time. Here are a few things I'll have up here:

  • Arts
  • Design
  • Music
  • Kung Fu
  • A small biography about me
  • My Curriculum Vitae
  • Contacts